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Board Of Governors

Board of Governors

irshad ahmad

Prof. Dr. Irshad Ahmad
PhD (Chemistry) Australia
Chairman Board of Governor

Message from
The Chairman Board of

Welcome to City College ! Science & Commerce are two of the most interesting, responsible and complex professions to enter. The path before you is both highly challenging and highly rewarding.City College is the first private institute of its kind in Multan. The central focus of our mission is to provide an education of the highest standard, which enables students to achieve professional competence in their chosen fields. If you are determined to make the best of your abilities, you will feel at home amongst the staff and the students at the college. The College has an environment conducive to the intellectual, moral and physical growth of the students. We have a team of dedicated, experienced and capable teachers who through motivation, counseling and training prepare our students to meet the challenges of the modern era.Beyond academic pursuits, City College offers a wide range of social, culture and recreational activities and I hope you will take a little time from your studies to enjoy some of those benefits.I wish you every success and hope that you will see this College as a place for your development into an empathic, compassionate and knowledgeable environment.

Khawaja Muhammad Mehr Ali

Khawaja Muhammad Mehr Ali
Director General

Message from
The Director General

It gives me great pride and satisfaction to write about City College of Science & Commerce, Multan.We are passing through a tremendously changing process and our younger generation must be accordingly trained, so that, they can address these challenges effectively, timely and meaningfully. In the present national scenario, everywhere there is problem of poverty, disorder in family, invasion on culture, mistrust, corruption, violence, terrorism etc. and no confidence and fear prevail among people. If there is no peace among people of the nation there cannot be any creativity, and it will lead to lower productivity. To counter this situation the only option left with the nation is education.

We, at City College provide excellent infrastructure, competent faculty, lush green environment for learning and all other facilities required for modern education. The main aim of the City College is to provide modern education in the field of arts, commerce, science & computer to the youth of Multan and its nearby cities.


Ch. Waheed Ahmad

Ch. Waheed Ahmad
Managing Director

Message from
The Managing Director

Selection of College is one of the most important decisions in a student’s life. City College welcomes potential students, those who do not settle for less than high achievement, and those who make a difference in the life of their class. The College also seeks students who are going to become professionals in the future in the professions of their choice, whether in science, commerce or social sciences. In addition, the College welcomes students who believe in honesty, integrity, self-respect and others take responsibility for their work and seek opportunities to enhance their personal development.
Our success lies in our educational approach, which values ​​the intellectual, personal and professional development of students. Students are free to pursue their educational and non-academic activities in a culturally diverse educational environment. Our students are of different age groups who come from different cities as well as backgrounds. They bring a wide range of views, special interests, and talents to enrich our educational community.



        Muhammad Laique Khan
Director (Admin)

Message from
The Director (Admin)

It is time to create and reproduce the potential of the next generation to make it compatible at the global level. This requires vigorous efforts to explore their talents and brush so they can take advantage of their knowledge in their workplace and compete in this global village. City College of Science and Commerce strives to help South Punjab residents who realize their professional growth through the transfer of knowledge in various professional disciplines. City College does not waive cost-for-quality.

We make students marketable and qualified to build, maintain / secure livelihoods in this world. The City College disseminates knowledge and skills in the physical and life sciences, commerce, computer science, basic sciences and social sciences with a very progressive university in Pakistan, such as Bahauddin Zakariya Multan University. All programs have been approved by the relevant authorities responsible for monitoring the quality of education in these programs. The enthusiastic management and good teachers are ready to explore your core colleges, committed to inculcating your ethic, and your determination to meet today’s challenges.

City College