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BS (Botany)

Botany is important to study or understand because it has much ecological and economic importance. For instance, plants are used as a source of food, fuel, and have medicinal implications. Plants are not the only organisms that can produce their own food-cyanobacteria also perform photosynthesis and according to paleontologist,they might have been the first photosyhnthetic organisms to evolve on earth. Also, scientists believe that these organisms are responsible for the current oxygen levels that we have in the atmosphere.

Plants liberate oxygen into the atmosphere as a result of photosynthesis,which is needed by all living things for cellular respiration. Also , they influence the carbon cycle, water cycle, and also ,prevent soil eroison/

Botanists test both the internal functions and profcesses within the organelles of plants,tissues and plants communities. At every level, botanists are concerned with the classification, evolution,phylogeny or function of plant life.

  • Candidates must have 12 years of educational certificate after F.Sc./FA/ICS/ I.Com/ or A Level program.
  • This educational certificate is also related to the admission program.
  • Minimum marks in previous course should be 45% or above.

Details Copies
Matric or Equivalent Certificate 04 copies
Intermediate or Equivalent Certificate 04 copies
Pictures (Passport Size with blue background) 08 copies
Pictures (Passport Size with blue background) 08 copies
Pictures (1Ă—1 Size with blue background) 04 copies
CNIC/ B-Form (Student) 02 copies
CNIC (Father/ Guardians) 02 copies
Admission Form 01 copies
File Cover 01 copies
NOC (If Intermediate is other than BISE, Multan) Original
Domicile copy in case of admission other than BZU 02 copies

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