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City College of Science & Commerce, Multan an institution with quality education in quality ambience.The college accommodates the potential talents of its students and turns them into potential civilians who are fully capable of meeting the challenges of globalization as well as providing quality education with technology as a core value. The College firmly believes in the full growth of its students and provides them with all opportunities and facilities to exploit their talents. The college aims to provide the knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and beliefs that are essential for a productive and successful life. Our College provides good education that enriches the cultural, intellectual and social life of every student. We are committed to maintain a balance between theory and practice. We seek to facilitate the learners to acquire knowledge and experience to enable them to achieve meaningful individual development and well-being of society as a whole. The College offers extensive facilities for the development of an integrated personality. City College is an endeavor to produce a full teacher not only by enabling students to obtain a degree but also to instill the ability to think creatively and possess good communication skills. 

Joining our college will expand your horizons; make a remarkable difference in your personality and enhance your career opportunities. It is an honor and privilege to be principal of City College of Science & Commerce, Multan.

Prof. Wafa Azeem

Principal Fatima Campus

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