BS (Chemistry)

Chemistry is a science of development of human civilization. From European industrial Revolution in 19th Century to the present day, the scenario of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology is all related to chemical sciences. In the arena of scientific development chemists are the major stake holders. Be it Peace, war or mission to Mars, Chemists are the main players in these endeavors. The recent development in nuclear chemistry , missile technology, environmental sciences, and understanding of intricacies of genetic engineering and biological processes, biosensors, industrial growth and engery are all due to chemistry in one way or the other. It not only adds value to the raw materials but also provides new raw materials for high-tech industries such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, agro-industry, medicines, biomechanics, and space science and so on. Therefore, it alleviates human sufferings and proves to be an effective tool to fight agains poverty.

  • Candidates must have 12 years of educational certificate after F.Sc./FA/ICS/ I.Com/ or A Level program.
  • This educational certificate is also related to the admission program.
  • Minimum marks in previous course should be 45% or above.

Details Copies
Matric or Equivalent Certificate 04 copies
Intermediate or Equivalent Certificate 04 copies
Pictures (Passport Size with blue background) 08 copies
Pictures (Passport Size with blue background) 08 copies
Pictures (1Ă—1 Size with blue background) 04 copies
CNIC/ B-Form (Student) 02 copies
CNIC (Father/ Guardians) 02 copies
Admission Form 01 copies
File Cover 01 copies
NOC (If Intermediate is other than BISE, Multan) Original
Domicile copy in case of admission other than BZU 02 copies

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