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BS (English)

With the globalization, all cross-border business communication is usually done in English, which is why its significance in the global job market cannot be underestimated. The reason behind English’s popularity as a common language across globe is Great Britain’s expansion during the colonial age. Majority of the people across Canada,Australia, New Zealand, most of Asia, parts of Africa, Natherlands, sweden, Norway, Germany and many other prominent nations,speak English either as their first or second language. A major chunk of the content produced on the internet is in English, and this is not all.

Most of the world’s top books,films and music are also produded in English. So knowing English means getting access to an unlimited variety of data, which may not be otherwise understandable. Research proves another fact that English speakers in the world earn more money than non-English speakers. So , if you’re comfortable at communicating in English, you can easily land that first job in your career and look forward to a positive future. Being a good English communicator means being able to easily explain your ideas to the managment and convincing them into making decisions. Professional fields such as customer support,information technology , aviation, medical, entertainment, diplomacy, media, business administration, human resource and many more mandatory require individual with excellent English Communication skills.

  • Candidates must have 12 years of educational certificate after F.Sc./FA/ICS/ I.Com/ or A Level program.
  • This educational certificate is also related to the admission program.
  • Minimum marks in previous course should be 45% or above

Details Copies
Matric or Equivalent Certificate 04 copies
Intermediate or Equivalent Certificate 04 copies
Pictures (Passport Size with blue background) 08 copies
Pictures (Passport Size with blue background) 08 copies
Pictures (1Ă—1 Size with blue background) 04 copies
CNIC/ B-Form (Student) 02 copies
CNIC (Father/ Guardians) 02 copies
Admission Form 01 copies
File Cover 01 copies
NOC (If Intermediate is other than BISE, Multan) Original
Domicile copy in case of admission other than BZU 02 copies

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